We are disrupting the existing systems of moving and controlling capital.
We offer truth, reconciliation, and healing from the ails of colonization through education, radical reparative giving, and narrative change.

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For centuries, money has been used to divide and control us, but what if money was used as a tool of love and restoration? Liberated Capital leverages the power of community to give with trust and mutuality.

Embrace an Indigenous Worldview

Our journal is designed to help you decolonize your relationship with money and learn to use it as a force for healing.

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Protect Yourself and Others

100% of net proceeds from decolonizer mask sales support our Native American Community Response Fund for COVID-19 relief.

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Are you a decolonizer?

Are you fighting for a more just and sutainble world? Are your efforts to bring about change rooted in a deep love for humanity and the earth?

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