Our vision
We envision a world where racial equity has become a societal norm, and new systems and ways of being ensure everyone can live their best lives, thrive in their cultures, and bring about healing from generations of colonial trauma.
Our mission is to bring forth truth, reconciliation, and the healing of our global family from the ails of colonization through education, radical reparative giving, and storytelling.

Philanthropic Giving and Practice

Shift best practices to redistribute wealth and build an Indigenous and Black-led philanthropic infrastructure through which we can model best practices to redistribute wealth from a reparations approach.

Racial Healing

Create and facilitate decolonized resources, tools and spaces that promote personal and organizational transformation and advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

Narrative Change

Leverage the power of our storytelling traditions to bring visibility and change to issues impacting BIPOC communities through digital projects, media engagement, and strategic partnerships.
Who We Are

Founded by Edgar Villanueva, the Decolonizing Wealth Project is a team of experienced philanthropy, public, private and creative industry professionals dedicated to executing DWP’s mission and vision.

Our advisors are seasoned activists, policy makers, philanthropists and community leaders who provide guidance and wisdom for ongoing work and new initiatives.