Liberated Capital is a donor community and funding vehicle aimed at moving untethered resources to Black, Indigenous and other people-of-color communities for liberation and racial healing.
Informed by the Seven Steps of Healing, we grieve, listen, and give space for communities to heal from generation trauma.

Solidarity, Not Charity

Rooted in relationships of mutuality and equity, Liberated Capital moves money through a reparations model that trusts and supports the leadership of those most impacted by historical and systemic racism.

Liberated Capital grantee partners are Indigenous, Black and other people-of-color led initiatives working for transformative social change.

Our Donor Community

Liberated Capital welcomes membership from individuals at all levels of giving who are committed to collectively healing the wounds of colonialism and white supremacy by using money as medicine to shape an equitable future.

Our members are the backbone of Liberated Capital. Your ongoing giving ensures the sustainability of our transformative model of grantmaking.
Member Benefits
Membership in Liberated Capital is an experience, and a commitment to a process of healing for all of us and our histories to money.

Often, when individuals commit to a process of learning and owning their relationship to money, it is done in spaces with their peers of similar age, socio-economic backgrounds, and race. Liberated Capital bridges individuals with wealth together with communities that have been harmed by how that wealth was accumulated.

Community-centric programming, such as Book Clubs and webinars
Regional hub networking events and gatherings
Access to exclusive, curated events with grantees, Liberated Capital leadership and industry experts
Special discounts on products and events
Special opportunities to support critical, urgent issues and movements, such COVID-19 response in Native American communities
Facilitated peer learning opportunities
Institutional Partners
Back up your DEI statement with action! We partner with foundations, corporations and other organizations to support their anti-racist charitable giving efforts by leveraging their donations to bolster impact to our BIPOC-led grantees.

Liberated Capital’s impact across our communities

Special Initiatives Funded by Liberated Capital

Special initiatives are designed to respond to urgent needs or unique opportunities within Black, Indigenous, and communities of color.
This is a new, national Giving Circle exclusively for Native American professionals and community members that centers Indigenous values of reciprocity. Learn more
COVID-19 Rapid Response Support for Native American Communities. Learn more
Our Direct Cash Assistance Program provides immediate financial support to those who have been disproportionately hit by COVID-19. Learn more
Join a community of


donors supporting Indigenous and Black-led organizations and communities

There is a growing call to decolonize wealth and to liberate philanthropy. We are on the forefront of the movement and through Liberated Capital are offering opportunities for you to heed the call. While moving money to marginalized communities, Liberated Capital is engaging donors of all races and ethnicities in the transformative work of healing that is required to close the race wealth gap.

Are you ready to make an impact?