Decolonising Efforts in Philanthropy – Experience Weaving

Join VP of Programs, Amber Banks for this Experience Weaving conversation with leaders from around the globe.

Event Description

Philanthropy continues to face several challenges in its effort to collaborate with activists in the pursuit of Africa’s transformation and liberation agenda because of its colonial origins and continued legacies.

Evidence shows that the current philanthropic landscape is inherently unable to create sufficient space for participation and/or co-creation in the process of conceiving its interventions or in providing feedback on its work from the intended implementing partners.

When we examine the current philanthropic landscape in West Africa, we see a web of donor-grantee relationships threaded together by power dynamics and relations that perpetuate the power imbalance which usurp agency. What we also see is a growing body of work disrupting spaces, raising critical consciousness, and uncovering invisibilized and normalised patterns of power that have real consequences on activists and the communities they work in.

To bring to the fore emerging changes in philanthropic practices in other parts of the resistance, raise critical consciousness on key issues around power and agency in philanthropic practices in West Africa, Liberation Alliance Africa as part of #RoadtoBogota for the #ShiftThePower summit will hold a space for transnational experience sharing and weaving of feminist, resistance and liberation efforts to decolonise philanthropy.

🗓️ 22 November 2023
🕜 2:00 PM WAT/4 PM EAT/8 PM WIB/9 AM EST
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Language: English, French and Spanish translation will be provided

Date and time
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 - Wednesday, November 22, 2023
9:00 am