2024 Reparative Philanthropy Community of Practice


In 2018, we introduced the framework of reparative philanthropy to the sector.  Reparative philanthropy is ‘the redistribution of resources in a manner that acknowledges the extractive origins of philanthropic wealth (family or institutional) and how colonization, slavery and the forms of oppression facilitated the accumulation of wealth that philanthropy protects, grows and distributes.’ Reparative philanthropy seeks to foster reconciliation, repair, and collective healing through acts of giving.


Since proclaiming that “money can be medicine”, we have engaged thousands of philanthropists and community leaders with the reparative philanthropy framework and have worked intimately with a number of philanthropic institutions and organizations to support their internal journeys of truth, healing and repair. Given the momentum we are witnessing, DWP has launched the Reparative Philanthropy Community of Practice to support key leaders who are taking bold steps to lead their organizations in the critical work of addressing their institutional histories and the origins of wealth and building deeper, more meaningful relationships with the community through reparative actions. 


At DWP, we know that the only way towards a more loving, effective philanthropy is through addressing the long-standing colonial power structures and transitioning to a repair-based, healing approach to philanthropy.


The Community of Practice cohort is a powerful, small group of peers who learn together, heal together, and receive real-time support for your leadership through this unprecedented opportunity for real change in your leadership and organization.   With support from DWP, foundations engaged in reparative philanthropy work have taken significant steps to move beyond equity to repair and healing.


Some examples of steps taken include:

  • Researching the origins of their wealth and making public apologies
  • Moving new grant resources to Black and Indigenous communities
  • Supporting movements for reparations and truth and reconciliation in communities 
  • Exploring how harm is happening in their investment portfolios and taking steps to divest 
  • Incorporating healing practices to support board and staff in their reparative journeys
  • Redistributing large sums of endowments to communities or even deciding to spend down


Key Information

DWP is partnering with Equity In the Center to co-facilitate this community of practice.  The first community launched in March 2024 and will consist of 4 quarterly sessions (a combination of virtual and in-person) with homework and coaching available between sessions.


Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about our Community of Practice, reach out to us at info@decolonizingwealth.com.