How Organizations Can Heal Social Harm

It’s time to put an end to business culture that is driven by norms of domination, exploitation, and exclusion. This culture is responsible for driving the racial wealth gap, environmental devastation, worker exploitation, and gentrification.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Organizations also have the potential to be agents of healing, serving the communities around them, repairing wounds caused by ongoing legacies of oppression.

The key? Reparations. The wealth of America was built on the backs of Black people and Indigenous people and stolen land. When we understand this history, liberating resources back to those communities becomes the natural next step.

By repairing the wounds of history, we also move forward into repairing our own relationships and way of life. There’s a freedom that comes from leaving behind the scarcity mindset, and embracing interdependent, abundant lives.

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