Stanford Frontiers of Social Innovation

“Philanthropy, healing, and the journey to decolonization and antiracism”
Decolonization requires both an interrogation and active deconstruction of white dominant culture and colonial impacts on our ways of being. In the U.S., much of philanthropy’s history, and the wealth it holds, are rooted in the exploitation of communities of color. The sector has a responsibility to not only acknowledge its past, but also actively redistribute wealth to the communities upon whose back that wealth was (and still is) made and withheld.

In this fireside chat, Edgar Villanueva, Author and Principal of Decolonizing Wealth Project and Liberated Capital will be joined in conversation with Hilary Pennington, Executive Vice President of Programs at the Ford Foundation. Together they will discuss specific ways in which philanthropy can work towards becoming anti-racist and how our collective healing will bring forth a better, more just future.

Date and time
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
3:30 pm - 4:15 pm