Decolonizing Wealth is working at the nexus of global movements toward healing, repair, and sustainability. Follow along as we build towards a more just and equitable world.
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Global Reparations

Our team member Vanessa Thomas, who directs our Global Programs, participated in the Advancing Justice: Reparations & Racial Healing Summit in Accra, Ghana.

Decolonizing Wealth Globally

In a global world ensnared in the legacy of colonialism and white supremacy, we aim to bring out the truth about our histories and the subsequent charge to repair. Decolonizing Wealth Project works globally to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital using education and healing programs, radical reparative giving, and storytelling.

Remember the History
What is the Global Narrative of repair?

The United States was built on the practice of enslavement of Indigenous people and Africans. The British Empire was the largest the world has ever seen. Centuries of extraction and brutalization were at play in industrializing the U.K. and the U.S., and philanthropy, a glaring representation of ill-gotten wealth, should be righting these wrongs.

The way forward is charted

telling the truth about the source of wealth
returning land to Indigenous hands
reparations and reinvestment for communities descended from slavery as well as those currently living under exploitation and extraction
solidarity and collaboration across borders and boundaries
policy change and legislation to ensure non-offense going forward
reinvesting into our earth, so that she may sustain us for generations to come
Community of Collaboration
We're partnering with organizations and communities across the globe who align with our work towards repair. Does this sound like you? Reach out to us!

Liberated Capital’s impact across our communities

Let's Do This!

Shaking up the global flow of capital, story by story, dollar by dollar
The burden of racial injustice and white supremacy all too often is left to Black and other global majority communities to fix. So we’re calling-in white leaders to shoulder responsibility, listen to communities that have been harmed, and do the work needed to shift decision-making power. Learn more
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donors supporting Indigenous and Black-led organizations and communities

There is a growing call to decolonize wealth and to liberate philanthropy. We are on the forefront of the movement and through Liberated Capital are offering opportunities for you to heed the call. While moving money to marginalized communities, Liberated Capital is engaging donors of all races and ethnicities in the transformative work of healing that is required to close the race wealth gap.

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