Native American Community Response

A COVID-19 rapid response support for Native American communities
The Idea

COVID-19 has exposed the cracks in our systems responsible for the health and economic disparities that Native communities impacted by the virus are experiencing. We at Decolonizing Wealth Project are working to catalyze the transformation power shift that is necessary to ensure that when the next global crisis strikes, Native communities are in a better position to respond.

At a time of crisis with a global pandemic, we rise up to protect our elders and the most vulnerable in our Native communities. In these times, Native American families turn to trusted community organizations for support and resources. This is the inspiration behind our Native American Community Response Fund–to provide grants to Native American nonprofits on the ground to ensure that they are better equipped to care for our most vulnerable – relatives facing food insecurity, access to housing, and our low-income elderly.

The Impact

These rapid response grants have been going towards a vast array of activities:

  • purchasing and delivering food, water, and other basic necessities like masks, sanitizers and diapers;
  • facilitating virtual spaces for recreation and healing;
  • offering direct services to victims of domestic violence;
  • providing childcare services for essential workers;
  • directly providing financial support to those unable to pay rent and utility bills, and
  • providing emergency housing assistance.
“Liberated Capital decentralizes power from big foundations and people who are millionaires and billionaires. It is Capital that is generated by and used by people in communities across the country”
Melissa Grober
Liberated Capital Member

$1 million +



Organizations supported


Native individuals impacted

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