BY Decolonizing Wealth Project
Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 09:00

National fund increased by nearly 20% since 2021 to support systemic and policy change efforts that return wealth to impacted communities


NEW YORK, NY – August 10, 2022Liberated Capital, Decolonizing Wealth Project’s donor community and funding vehicle focused on providing untethered resources to Black, Indigenous and other communities of color, today announced $2 million in funding for the 2022 cohort of 20 grantees working to advance reparations in the United States. In its second year, the fund has grown by 18 percent, and today’s announcement marks nearly $4 million invested in BIPOC-led organizations since the fund’s inception in March 2021. 

The #Case4Reparations is a first-of-its-kind funding initiative aimed at fueling and amplifying conversations and campaigns around reparations to redistribute wealth (money or land) to Black and Native American communities in the United States. Liberated Capital announced the redistribution of $1.7M to its inaugural cohort of 23 #Case4Reparations grantee partners in September 2021. The inaugural grantees have made monumental progress since, restoring California coastal land at Bruce’s Beach back to its descendants and notching key legal victories for descendants of the Tulsa Race Massacre. 

“Reparations are one of the most important tools we have to overcome our nation’s shared history of exploitation and colonization, and we are proud to continue to support the organizations on the frontlines of achieving truth and racial healing,” said Edgar Villanueva, founder and principal of Decolonizing Wealth Project and Liberated Capital. “These grantees are taking critical strides to create meaningful change in their communities, and the overall growth of our fund shows that this vital work is only gaining momentum.”

“The reparations movement finds itself in a unique historic moment at this time that must not be squandered,” said Nkechi Taifa, Esq. Founder and Director, Reparation Education Project, Inc. “The impact of Decolonizing Wealth Project’s #Case4Reparations funds at this critical stage will enable the Reparation Education Project to bring added value to the movement and help optimize outcomes in the long-standing quest for reparatory justice.”

“Decolonizing Wealth Project’s financial support, expert advice, and hands on technical assistance has been instrumental in our fight for justice and reparations for the survivors and descendants of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre,” said Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons, Founder and Executive Director, Justice For Greenwood. “Getting funded for another year will allow us to grow our team and capacity for the benefit of our constituents.” 

“I’m honored to join the Advisory Committee for the #Case4Reparations. The work being done to support and fund reparations initiatives led by Black and Indigenous activists is greatly needed at this time,” said Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, Founder of the National Black Cultural Information Trust, Inc. “The #Case4Reparations grantees will have a major impact on the future of reparative justice for generations to come,”  

Decolonizing Wealth Project also announced Dr. Amara Enyia, President of Global Black and the Manager of Policy & Research for the Movement for Black Lives, and Jessica Ann Mitchell, Founder of National Black Cultural Information Trust, joined the #Case4Reparations Advisory Committee, an advisory group of Black and Indigenous grassroots and broader movement leaders.

The 2022 #Case4Reparations grantees are:


  • ACRE Action Center on Race & the Economy
  • African American Community Service Agency
  • Blackroots Alliance
  • DC Justice Lab
  • Equity And Transformation (EAT)
  • Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance
  • Justice for Greenwood
  • Marijuana Justice
  • New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
  • Racial Justice Coalition of Asheville
  • Restitution Study Group
  • Tiwahe Foundation
  • Where Is My Land
  • Women Engaged
  • Black Land and Liberation Initiative
  • Conrad Worrill Community Reparations Commission
  • Malcolm X Grassroots Movement-NY Chapter
  • Reparation Education Project
  • Reparations Finance Lab

In addition to funding, grantee partners will receive technical assistance from Decolonizing Wealth Project, including communications and narrative change support, networking opportunities and campaign coaching. As #Case4Reparations continues to grow, Decolonizing Wealth Project will ramp up its efforts to raise awareness and education among the general public around reparations and the need to embrace it as a way to right the wrongs and bring our country back together. 

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Led by Edgar Villanueva, Decolonizing Wealth Project (DWP) works globally to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital using education and healing programs, radical reparative giving, and storytelling. Through its fund, Liberated Capital, DWP moves untethered resources to Indigenous, Black and other people-of-color-led initiatives working for economic and racial justice.