2022 Young Decolonizers Revolutionizing in Philanthropy

Redistribute, Reimagine.

ydrip * young decolonizers revolutionizing in philanthropy


Decolonizing Wealth Project is an Indigenous and Black-led racial justice organization that envisions a world where racial equity has become a societal norm – where new systems ensure everyone can live their best lives, thrive in their cultures, and heal from generations of colonial trauma. Our work aims to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital by offering truth, reconciliation, and healing from the ails of colonization through healing programs, radical reparative giving, education, and narrative change. Decolonization at once involves disrupting harmful colonial systems and cycles and imagining a future that includes us all. Young people have the most at stake in our fight for a better future, and are often the ones with the most space to dream for all of us. As the ones who will carry our work into the future, young people should be resourced, engaged, and uplifted throughout all sectors of movement-building and systems change, including in philanthropy.



Decolonizing Wealth Project is excited to announce the launch of our paid summer internship program: Young Decolonizers Revolutionizing in Philanthropy (YDRIP). YDRIP is an activation of our mission to shift power in philanthropy and will engage and equip young people to understand and transform capital flow towards Black and Indigenous communities. Our intention is to welcome bold, creative, and compassionate young people in their penultimate college year and help them develop into powerful leaders ready to drive society towards decolonization and repair. 


YDRIP resources and empowers young people to become effective, strategic organizers helping to redistribute and reimagine wealth as medicine for our communities. Through a multidisciplinary curriculum and experiential learning, interns will deepen their understanding of topics ranging from decolonizing wealth, sacred economics, organizational and programmatic development, grantmaking, and more. Interns will have the opportunity to work directly with  members of the Decolonizing Wealth Project team, starting with a foundational and cross-sectional perspective of our work before moving into a more tailored experience that allows for deeper engagement based on interests and expertise. Check out our Instagram and YouTube to see some of our most recent projects and engagements. 


This program runs for 10-weeks, full-time and remote, with potential for in-person programming throughout the summer. Interns will receive a $10500 stipend for participating. 





This opportunity is best suited for U.S. college undergrads planning to graduate in 2023 who have previous experience and/or interest in social justice work, particularly economic justice and restoration, and those who are looking to gain impactful experience in decolonial grantmaking, demystifying philanthropy, and developing projects to support the causes they care about. We’re searching for candidates who are creative, critical, courageous, collaborative, and compassionate. We also intend to leverage this opportunity to support populations typically under-represented and under-resourced in this sector. Students who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color), as well as first-generation and/or low-income, are encouraged to apply. Up to 3 applicants will be selected for this opportunity.



Phase 1 – Application: 4 essay questions, Resume

Phase 2 – Interviews and Decisions. Note: at least one letter of recommendation will be requested for those who are selected for final interviews.




Application Open  – March 15, 2022

Applications Close – Midnight PST April 3, 2022

Interviews and Final Notifications – Mid April 

Program Starts – June 21, 2022

Program End – August 26, 2022


Link – Frequently Asked Questions


Applications Closed for this Cycle