Narrative Change

The goal

Leverage the power of our storytelling traditions to bring visibility and change to issues impacting BIPOC communities through digital projects, media engagement, and strategic partnerships.

What does it look like?

We contribute to major media publications, speak at national and international conferences, and host innovative mission-driven activation events to amplify ideas of truth and reconciliation, healing, and racial justice. Our decolonizer brand merch helps spread our vision for a new world in which we all belong, where Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color can thrive.

our impact

Our writing and work has generated over 250 media hits with features in national and global publications including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Vox, and Advocate

We collaborate with corporate and entertainment industry partners to increase the visibility and understanding on racial inequality at events like Decolonizing Wealth NOLA, Decolonizing Wealth Hollywood, and Nike Native American Heritage Month

We took over LUSH Cosmetics’ Instagram for Indigenous Peoples’ Day, sharing the wisdom of Indigneous leaders speaking on community building, the Landback movement, and solidarity with Black lives with LUSH’s more than 4 million followers

More Areas of Work

Decolonizing Wealth Project works in three primary areas. Learn more about how we apply our values to we do, and the impact of our work.
Creating decolonized resources, tools and spaces to promote transformation.
Shifting best practices to redistribute wealth builds a better philanthropic infrastructure.