Racial Healing

The goal

Create and facilitate decolonized resources, tools and spaces that promote personal and organizational transformation and advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

What does it look like?

We educate, train, and support racial healing and equity efforts across sectors and audiences. Our Healing Summits provide spaces to address wellness and healing from toxic colonial systems and environments.

We also produce community events, tools and resources designed to help individuals and organizations at any place on their equity journey, while our organizational coaching is a bespoke experience, providing live training and support in the operationalization of racial equity.

our impact

We’ve hosted more than 100+ grantmakers in our Healing Summits over the last year.

We produced the Money As Medicine guided journal to provide individuals and organizations with practical guidance on how to take action in decolonizing wealth using the Seven Steps to Healing.

More Areas of Work

Decolonizing Wealth Project works in three primary areas. Learn more about how we apply our values to we do, and the impact of our work.
Shifting best practices to redistribute wealth builds a better philanthropic infrastructure.
Visibility is important to achieve change and impact BIPOC communities.